Consignment Sales


Consignment sales through Record Finder, is an easy, no hassle, way for disposing of your record collection. Your collection will be exposed to thousands of collectors/dealers through our publication and internet.

Here's how it works.

1) You send us (at your expense, unless other arrangements are agreed upon), the records you would like to sell.
2) We will enter them in our system, grade them, publish your list, mail out, entirely at our expense. When bids are received we will compile them, notify successful bidders, handle all mailing of records, again at our expense.
3) When sale is closed we will notify you by letter of the number of items sold and the total dollar amount as well as the 50% owed to you along with an offer for any unsold items. If you do not accept the offer for unsold items we will return your unsold items at your expense. Once you have been notified to pick up or have us send your records back (at your expense) you will have 60 days to complete this or records can be disposed of at our convenience.
4) We reserve the right to list only the items sent which we deem saleable. We do not want records that are not in top condition, to save us both time and money. If you have any questions regarding your collection, we urge you to write or call us prior to shipping. Listings will appear, on a first come basis, space permitting in Record Finder.
The total procedure from when we receive your records to when you will receive a check is approximately six to nine months, depending on current volume.

When sending records, be sure to include your name and address, mark on boxes "consignment", and number the boxes 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc. to make sure all items are received.
We accept musical items including records, sheet music, books and mags (must be music related), and reel to reel tapes.
We are no longer accepting cassettes, 8 tracks, CDs, or any type of movies.
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I am sending for 50/50 consignment _______ (# of items)________(type, ie; 78's, Lp's, 45's, etc). I agree to the terms set forth in the above letter.

_____________________________________ ___________________________
(your name) (date)

(your address, city, state, zip)

(your signature)
Our MAILING ADDRESS: Record Finder,8508 Sanford Dr, Richmond, Va 23228
Our UPS ADDRESS: Record Finder, 8508 Sanford Drive, Richmond, VA 23228 Tele: 804-266-1154 Fax: 804-264-9660

**this agreement null and voids any previous agreements