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Welcome to the Record Finders Auction
Here you may send in bids on records
of your choice

The auction is now in .pdf format. This replicates our paper magazine here on the webpage and allows for you to zoom in if you have a hard time reading the small print.

Please pay attention to page 4 which explains our grading policy and abbreviations.

Also take note of our minimum bid policy, all items in E- or better condition require a minimum bid of of $3.00. Please make other bids realistic, we will not honor ridiculous (i.e. $0.25) bids.

Send your bids into Sales1@recordfinders.com, or mail a physical copy to:
2410 Ownby Ln. Richmond VA 23220


September 4th, 2009 Auction


Did you know you can search for text using the computer?
If you press CTRL+F, you can then type in whatever you're looking for.
This is a quick way to look for artists and titles that you want.
Keep in mind we list artists with the last name first, and spelling does count.

We also suggest getting the latest version of the Adobe Reader.
"Get it HERE"